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Soundcloud Deleting Mixes

By Published December 17, 2013

Is SoundCloud deleting your mixes?

SoundCloud founder Eric Wahlforss revealed earlier this week (Monday 12th December) that DJ mixes will no longer be taken down for copyright infringement for both free and paying subscribers.

But a new post by SoundCloud in their blog suggests that, although there will be far fewer cases, DJ mixes will still be deleted if they contain material creators have requested to be removed.

The deal SoundCloud made with licensing groups like GEMA means that there is far less material that will be subject for removal, but the platform will continue to match mixes against its database of tracks that copyright holders have asked SoundCloud to block.

Last month (November), SoundCloud announced that they would begin paying artists for the music they stream. That was after a huge wave of cyber-attacks took the website down in October.

Do you use SoundCloud? Let us know what you think.

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