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Plays everything and talks to himself?

I Started mixing way back in 92/93 

Listening to kool fm give me the desire to learn how to mix......didn't take me long to learn to beat match and from that I was hooked.

My defining moment dj ing was playing Ratpacks 25th ! played in two arenas, wicked wicked night......

I wanted to dj for the pure love of music, love how some mixes drop........best buzz!

My main challenges for djing is keeping people happy and sharing da vibe.

I've been on many stations but I'm over the moon being on Fenz! I've been on shockin fm, upfront radio, hightz live, pulse London, shine fm, freek fm, and many guest shows 

I define a good dj set from seeing people happy and enjoying themselves, playing the right tunes for the right atmosphere! 

Where do i see myself in 3 years time? hmmmnn more and likely divorced ! lol

I've played at some good venues clubs pubs etc.......coronet, few clubs in Camden,  opera house, rudolphs, used to do oldskool nights round my local area which was always ram jam wicked nights! hopefully gonna try and gets these nights going again soon.

Favorite dj of all time!? silly question lol.....none other then dj ez...if you're an house and garage lover no one even comes close, including me! lol

I'm a lover of all music to be fair, house and garage comes top but really starting to love deep tech, my shows is always a mixture of all sounds and flavours.

My advice for someone getting in too the scene is always do it for the love and art of dropping some serious beats....also get in touch with team Fenz and get your skills heard for real!

For me i do think the scene has really changed from back in the day, but if I start rabbiting on I'm gonna sound like my parents from there back in the day stories lol


Big up all fenz family

Showtime 12am-2pm Thursdays.


  • Good music for good people.

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